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  • Waste sorting robot Wall-B

    Waste sorting equipment to recover pieces of valuable materials from small and medium volume waste streams. Own recognition technology powered by Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Items to be recovered (sorted for each category) are plant specific and include:


    The system uses state of the art computer vision and advanced robotics to complement current industrial equipment and human practices in the sorting of recyclable material to improve the recovery rate of the plant in a cost-effective way. It’s specially indicated for flows with medium presence of valuable materials (between 100 and 500 tones per year) where installation of NiR optical systems des not worth and hand recovery work is too costly.

    Wall-B2 render




NON – INTRUSIVE Directly installable in existing conveyor belts, with no layout changes required.
FLEXIBLE Can recover different materials just with algorithm re-training (changes in software, not hardware.
MODULAR Units are independent and can be increased as needed.
ADAPTABLE TO PLANT The final location of the WALL-B system depends on each particular plant and its material recovery needs over time


Up to 20 pics per min (1 unit).
Up to 200 Tn/year (1 unit).


From a technical standpoint, the WALL-B system consists on a high-speed industrial robotic arm with a grasping by suction system plus a state of the art computer vision system that recognizes valuable material in the images taken by a combination of cameras (patent pending).


Come and meet Wall-B! Visitable prototype at Maresme Integrated Center for Waste Recovery (Barcelona – SPAIN).logo maresme

If you are interested in a visit or in receiving further information about Wall-B, please contact us.

Maresme Wall-B y panoramica planta



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Waste treatment Solutions. Coming soon.

Current machinery for waste sorting can have productivity low downs due to technical or environmental causes. Based on our Computer Vision capabilities and the software used by Wall-B, we are creating a monitorization system that will control waste flow (in terms of PET or other materials volume) after mechanical and optical sorting, to easily and real time detect productivity decreases and warn the plant responsible.

On the other hand, big items in the waste flow can obstruct optical, foucalt or other sorters. With a combination of different cameras and an specific software, we are developing a jam detecting system that will control the targeted incoming and outcoming flows (before and after the sorter) to infere waste jams risk and alert plant staff so they can early act and prevent big jams and full plant stops.